Andy has done a number of debates against Atheists and Evolutionists. Notable debates have been with Dr. Will Provine of Cornell University on March 12th 2010 on “Flight in Birds and Bats”, and also on April 18th 2013 he debated Dr. Glenn Geher of the State University of New York New Paltz on the subject of “Mind and Intelligence – can evolution of creation best explain rationality and original thought”.  Both those debates are available as DVDs at the resources page below.

More recently Andy debated Terry Moseley (of Humanists Northern Ireland) on April 21st 2016 on the question “Can Atheism make sense of reality?” and on Jan 19th 2017, he debated Dr. Richard Norman at UKC Canterbury on the same question. There have been two debates against the atheist Dan Barker who was a pastor at a Californian church. Andy debated him on Sept 26th 2017 in San Diego and then again at the University of Louisville, Kentucky on Feb 26th 2018. That debate is available here and his other talks are available at the Resources page

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Andy is happy to consider further debates. Please use the booking form to book Andy for a debate. Usually a lead up time of 12-18 months is required. Nevertheless still contact using the booking form, since there can be times where a diary slot may arise sooner.