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Professor Andy McIntosh lectures and debates in the UK and across the world on the importance of keeping to a Biblical worldview concerning origins. He is happy to engage in courteous debate with atheist academics, but is also very concerned that the evangelical church should hold firmly to the Scriptures and particularly Genesis. He speaks on both the science which clearly shows that evolutionary thinking is not justified by the evidence, and also seeks to carefully explain to believers that the Creation account as described in Genesis should be taken seriously. More details of Andy's background is described here.

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Details of Andy’s creation talks and subjects that he covers are available on the Resources page. These include DVD’s, books and other items to help you. There are regular questions regarding creation that are asked at meetings, and a Frequent Questions page is available with answers to some of these.

Andy is part of the Logos Research Associates. He is also an Associate Speaker with Answers in Genesis and is listed on the Speakers Bureau of the Ratio Christi web site. Please click on the images for more information.


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